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Hello and welcome to the site of Cambodia a country full of charm.

khmercambodia-1after a trip to Cambodia I wanted to help this country to know, but how? then put the idea came to make a page on facebook to show the charm of this country to try to know cambodia, having had more than 5,000 fans and in less than 4 months on the facebook page I decided to do everything possible to try to help this country to know more with a website and you are currently on this site. why a site more than one page? simply because on the internet it is easier to know something. I think for a long time making this site and I first wanted to make this site specializes in information on Cambodia, but also to learn about life in Cambodia and of course what we can do and visit Cambodia. the website is made voluntarily and according to our respective time jobs, you understand I‘m not alone to implement the site, but also for the facebook page because I have Khmer friends who help me which makes this site a French / Khmer site. on this site you will find pages on the temples of Angkor Wat and many other places to visit. you will also find Khmer recipes, of course you can make at home for your family that you can enjoy as if you were in Cambodia. You‘ll find ideas for outings during your stay and of course many other tips.

I hope to site will please you, but mostly make you want to you and your family to come visit cambodia. Visit us at http://www.cambodiaacountryfullofcharm.com

Trip to Mondulkiri

Since the last newsletter, Angkor and Asia Adventures ventured to the southeast province of Mondulkiri to meet new friends and have fun with the elephants! Wet season in Cambodia (May-October) has many special rewards if its own and one of them is that the jungles get a daily bath and when the sun comes out the scenery is simply spectacular. Nowhere is this beauty of nature more abundant than in the rural province of Mondulkiri.

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Cambodia Travel Information Part II

Medical Care, Money, Visas and Transport

In our previous newsletter we covered important travel information for your Trip to Cambodia. We shared information about when to go, costs and how you can communicate with the Khmer people.

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Cambodia Travel Information Part I

May 2014

When to go, Costs and Communication

Never been to Cambodia before? Or maybe never traveled anywhere that required you to get a passport? Maybe you’ve seen amazing photos of the Temples of Angkor and have always wanted to go there and see them for yourself and finally you’ve decided you’re going to do exactly that.

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Living in Cambodia

Visa Application to Cambodia. Foreigners who intend to live or stay in Cambodia may apply for Visa in the following conditions:

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Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temples included in Google’s Street View

Street View now includes more than 90,000 photographic panoramas of the sprawling temple complex and links to Google's online World Wonders Project, allowing viewers to zoom in to study carvings and other artistic and archaeological details,” Google said in a statement.

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February 2014


Even though our expertise lies with our custom-made tours of the temples of Angkor, there’s so much more to see and do all over Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

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Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia – Fall in love with our people and culture.

Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities.

You should watch this Video before coming to Cambodia to explore mystical temples and immerse yourself into our rich and vibrant culture.

Our tours create life long memories and experiences you will never forget!

Fall in love with our people and culture
Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia
Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities

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