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Community & Orphanage Support

The international collection of supporters for Happy Family have one goal in common: To take care of 40 kids. Unlike most orphanages we are not adding kids. This is not a "revolving door", instutional orphanage. It is a family of 40 kids and a devoted caretaker. These are brothers and sisters and their "mom" taking care of each other with outside financial and personal support.

Some of us belong to fundraising organizations with multiple projects. Some have made a commitment to one child. Some concentrate on food and clothing and the basics. Some specifically cover some aspect of the educational program which is second to none. We have no religious or political agenda. Our support comes from the global community of people with the full range of religious preferances and the common virtue of providing opportunities for kids who would not stand a chance without the compassion of caring people who are willing to share what they have.

All volunteers and financial supporters pay their own way." We don't take stipends or ask donors to cover our travel expenses etc. If we have support from other "non profit" organizations to assist in the collection of donations, no fees are paid for receiving or disbursing the money from our donors. Those who contribute to the needs of this family know that 100% of their donation goes for the family.

We also like to keep those who support these kids informed. Many donors will receive letters and pictures and receipts to explain when and where and why help was provided with their money. Donors are asked to specify what they want done with their support. If for any reason we cannot "deliver" on the request, the donor's money will be sent back to them.

We estimate "wrapping up" this project in about 15 years. Initiated as a government orphanage over 20 years ago and the government withdrew financial support in 2004 but sustained the use of site facilities for orphans and abandoned children. So we formed Happy Family Organization as a Cambodian NGO in order to meet the needs of the family. Letters and e-mails and visitations with these kids will quickly demonstrate a spirit of warmth and happiness that will touch your heart. This is a unique endeavor. Join us. Become part of the global "happy family".

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Fall in love with our people and culture
Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia
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