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Siem Reap Cycling Tours

Our biking tours enable you to immerse yourself into the country and culture. Unlike in a car or on a motor bike, you are close to the people and in tune with the pace of life around you, so you can really connect and take in the experience.

We provide a range of options with our tours, suitable to all fitness levels and interests. All our tours are lead by one of our professional guides who will ensure you have the most fantastic time.

Siem Reap Tour Option I (40km, around 5 hours)

On this tour you will be visiting the Tonle Sap, south of Siem Reap. On the way to the lake we will visit Salar Kamroeuk and Chreay Villages where you come up close with daily life and different farming techniques. We will follow the Siem Reap river past numerous lotus farms and then arrive at the Tonle Sap. Here you can take a boat tour if you are interested and also have lunch. On the way back to Siem Reap we will take a different road and can stop at the Athvea Pagoda, which has a beautiful Angkorian Temple on the grounds. After that we will cycle back to town.


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Siem Reap Tour Option II (60km, around 6 hours)

This tour takes you to Mechrey, which is part of Tonle Sap. We will visit Borbos village and explore daily life and meet local people. At Borbos village we will also visit Wat Chork pagoda which has beautiful hand drawings on the walls. Following a dirt road we will arrive at Mechrey where you can take a boat tour to one of the floating villages. When you return from the boat tour we will make our way back to Siem Reap through the amazing countryside.


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Angkor Cycling Tour (40km, around 5 hours)

This tour brings you into the heart of the Angkor Thom temple complex, which was the capital of the mighty Khmer empire. Following along jungle tracks we will visit Preah Khan, Tanei Temple and Ta Prom, the temple which has gigantic trees growing on the structure. After lunch at a local restaurant we will also visit and explore Angkor Wat. After that we will ride back to town.


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Siem Reap Tour Option III (40km, around 5 hours)

Visit the Roulos Group, riding through the rural villages around Siem Reap and visiting Chreay village along the way. In this village you will be able to see local life close up, find out how people make a living and survice and meet the friendly villagers. We will also stop at Trapang Phong village, which is a nice village with a pond surrounding it. We then continue onto the temples, Preah Ko, Bakhong and Lolei which were build in the 9th century. After lunch at a local restaurant we head back towards Siem Reap.


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Cycling tour charges


From USD 90 to USD110 per person (minimum 2 people). If you are planning to cycle with a larger group ( 3 persons up ) the rate is getting cheaper and we would love to talk to you about the group discounts we offer.

Note 1: With groups over 5 people, we will provide a motor trailer & 2 stand-by bikes on tours.

Note 2: 50% off for children under 12 years.


Services Included Services Excluded
  • Professional, licensed, English speaking guide
  • Mountain bike with helmet
  • A bottle of pure water per person
  • A day Temple Pass
  • Boat Cruise Fee for Floating villages
  • Drink a coconut at the village
  • Meals
  • Optional tours
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses such as tips, drinks
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Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia – Fall in love with our people and culture.

Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities.

You should watch this Video before coming to Cambodia to explore mystical temples and immerse yourself into our rich and vibrant culture.

Our tours create life long memories and experiences you will never forget!

Fall in love with our people and culture
Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia
Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities

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