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About Siem Reap Tours:  Sample itineraries

All of our Siem Reap Tour Packages have been customized, designed and priced in close cooperation with our partners, so that you get the most out of your time in the “Kingdom of Wonder”. We have a wide range of tour options and packages available and we use our experience to show you Cambodia at its’ best. Here are some suggestions for your visit:

2 Days - Angkor Tour

Explore the extensive temples of Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and the Bayon as well as see the beautiful countryside around Siem Reap. You will get a taste of local Khmer cuisine and experience traditional Cambodian culture.

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2 Days - Floating Village Temple

This tour combines the highlights of the temples with a visit to the magnificent Tonle Sap lake, its’ floating villages and the country side during 2 days full of excitement, beauty and adventure.

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3 Days - Angkor Wat Tour

The Angkor Wat Special 3 day tour includes the most beautiful and magnificent temples, trips into the countryside and off the beaten track visits to remote ruins as well as cruising on the Tonle Sap lake to learn about local life in the floating villages.

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3 Days - Siem Reap Tour with Tuk Tuk

To visit the temples in Angkor Park by Tuk Tuk that creates life long memories and experiences you will never forget!

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4 Days - Explore Temple Tour

Get a true appreciation of the magnificent temples and the might of the former Khmer empire. Visit the beautiful countryside, cruise to floating villages on the Tonle Sap and see the sunrise and set at amazing locations.

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5 Days - Siem Reap Preah Vihear Temple

This tour package combines exploring the most beautiful temples, remote ruins and experiencing Khmer culture with seeing the magnificent countryside, Khmer Rouge HQ and meeting local people resulting in an amazing Cambodian holiday.

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6 Days - Siem Reap Phnom Penh Tour

Experience the beauty of the Temples around Siem Reap and venture into the countryside to get a feel for local village life. Combine this with a visit to the vibrant and bustling capital Phnom Penh with its beautiful colonial architecture, restaurants and shops and include a tour to the killing fields.

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7 Days - Siem Reap Preah Vihear Battambang

This tour package will provide you with extensive temple tours to the most beautiful sites, adventurous visits to remote areas, in-sights into the Khmer Rouge history and exploring local markets, cultural centres and pagoda’s.

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Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia – Fall in love with our people and culture.

Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities.

You should watch this Video before coming to Cambodia to explore mystical temples and immerse yourself into our rich and vibrant culture.

Our tours create life long memories and experiences you will never forget!

Fall in love with our people and culture
Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia
Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities

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