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The Sanctuary Villa Battambang

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The Sanctuary Villa Battambang

The Sanctuary Villa, Battambang Town, Cambodia Nested in a lushly green, peaceful, and strategically located within the charming town area of Battambang, The Sanctuary is truly a great base for travellers who wish to explore this local town and its surrounding attractions.

The Sanctuary only offers five unique and individual tropical villas for single, double, triple or family occupancies to ensure utmost comfort and privacy of our guests. Each villa is designed to represent each of five elements. Water (Nero Villa), Earth (Geo Villa), Fire (Pyro Villa), Wind (Aero Villa) and the fifth element (Quintessence villa). 70% of our property is green and relaxation areas featuring a salt water pool, water flower and green garden, and a grand traditional Khmer Pavillion. The Sanctuary is also designed to be alike the Khmer Buddhist temple which consist of the main pagoda (The grand Pavilion surrounding by the water), a hall (Dinning area/Entertainment Centre), quarters for monk/priest (The five villas) and a pond. These reflex our name of 'Sanctuary' where you can relax and find your own space like your home away from home in the Khmer cultural hub of Battambang town.

Our Tour Services
Oh Yeah! Restaurant.Not only do we offer this fine accommodation but we could also provide a one-stop-solution to our guests' Cambodia trip. We are able to plan an effective travel plan, and assist our guests with the transport solution to, from or within Cambodia, arranging tour guide or some other assistance upon our guests’ requests. More information on The Sanctuary, traveling tips and advises or any travel arrangements, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Don’t miss out another Khmer hidden treasure! Cambodia does not only offer Angkor temples. Check out Battambang town for the real beauty and true Cambodian ways of life this Kingdom has to offer. We run private tours to Battambang / accommodation at lushly green.
The Sanctuary Villa with swimming pool, rated #1 B&B for Battambang in 2011.

  • Ride of Nory (Bamboo Train), unique and fun ride that break all the transport regulations in Europe and America, be warned, do not try it back home!
  • Scenic boat from Siem Reap to Battambang and vice versa!
  • Stroll along Sangke River in town to see interesting well-preserved colonial buildings!
  • Killing Cave tours to Phnom Sampav where you get to see tons of skeletons of Khmer Rouge Regime victims and views of surrounding rice filed on top of Sam Pav Mountain!
  • Buddhism VS Hinduism in harmony, visit Ek Phnom Temple to see Angkor period Hindu temples inside Ek Phnom Buddhist monastery!
  • The making of Naam, rice paper wrap for one of the most famous Khmer dishes, learn how this rice paper is made from those who make it for generations!
  • For those who have strong stomach, visit Prahok Market where you will get to see how Cambodian fermented fish paste is made, be warned, the smell could be very very aromatic in some ways!
  • Late afternoon, go for a walk at Battambang park next to Sangke River to see many locals come out for picnic and aerobics exercise!
  • Learn how to make your favourite Khmer dishes, private class could be organized at the Sanctuary Villa.

Our Accommodation Overview
The Sanctuary Villa, our rooms have urban interiors, and traditional Khmer motifs with modern amenities appealing to give you utmost comfort. The design embraces a complex appreciation of nature, Khmer texture, oriental detail and practicality.

Facilities Guest Services
  •  Colour Television
  • Full cable TV access
  • In-room refreshments including coffee and tea making facilities
  • Modern solar-power hot and cold bathroom with amenities
  • Direct Wireless Phone
  • WI-FI internet access
  • Enery Efficient Air-conditioning
  • International power pin sockets
  • Bath tubs separated from shower
  • Small private Backyard
  • Safety box
  • Hair dryer
  •  Personalized guest assistance
  • Room service
  • Early check-in, late check-out (subject to availability)
  • One Stop Guest Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Sightseeing Tours/Transfers
  • Community-based Excursions
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Airport/ Bus/ Ferry Transfers
  • Traditional Khmer Massage
  •  International restaurant and Bar



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Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia – Fall in love with our people and culture.

Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities.

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Fall in love with our people and culture
Experience the beauty and mystery of Cambodia
Quality tours & professional, friendly service are our priorities

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